Pest Control in Phoenix is really no different than any other city across the country. Sure, the desert brings along a whole new plethora of bugs, but its really all about how they are taken care of that matters. Most people are worried about scorpions and snakes, but typically these are not as big of a threat to the home as the common pests. Spiders, roaches, ants, mice, rats and bed bugs are typically what pest control technicians deal with in this South Western state.

Most calls start with the same problem. People are always eager to head to the local hardware store and buy some spray or chemical substance that is supposed to take care of the problem. The problem is that some bug becomes immune to certain chemical substances. They may not be detoured by them at all. Some are also just spot killers, meaning they only kill the ones you see. A spot killing compound is great for the ant infestation you see in front of you, but it will do little for those that you dont see.

BED-BUG2The real problem is the bugs that are not seen. Pest Control in Phoenix targets those pests that can be seen and those that cannot be. Sure, you may have a scorpion here or there that gets into the home. But the risk of having a mouse or rat is equally disturbing. Their bite can be dangerous, as the trail of damage that they leave behind. Spiders are a big problem in the South West. While there is many varieties of spiders, it seems these parts are home to two of the most loathes and dangerous ones.

The Black Widow and Brown Recluse get big publicity for the damage they can cause. The Recluse loves to invade in the home. They make dens like other animals and several will congregate there. Though it doesnt get a whole lot for attention, the sun spider is something that should be watched for. It is a relative to the scorpion and quite venomous. It is also called the Wind Scorpion in some parts. The love he desert climate and are a real pest that should be avoided.

While the many bugs and spiders are feared, the one that seems to cause so much damage is the bed bugs. They feed on the human skin and multiply before your eyes. They are havoc causing bugs and many have to rid their possessions in order to get rid of them. They have become a real epidemic these days, and the only way to really get rid of them is to use a heat treatment. A professional must be trained to use this removal method, as it is dangerous. The homes temperature must be raised above comfortable levels to kill off all the live bugs. Then a solution is applied to kill any egg sacks left behind.

Pest control in Phoenix can be a dirty job that requires much skill and training. It is always best to leave it up to the professionals and not to waste money on treatments that have little chance of working.